‘Ice wars’ for new boundaries of Arctics

U.S. is preparing for new ‘icy wars’ with Russia in Northern Pole. U.S. is on the way of building advanced ice ships that will break the ice of Arctics and set permanent intelligence stations. In same way of new international order Russia have already set new naval and military bases. Arctics based in reports of foreign government is with “ice-gold” reach on resources. Both power claimed territory in wasted territory of Arctics.

(Intelligence Unit of CSSD-Macedonia)

Within the Center for Security Studies and Development(CSSD)- Macedonia, also active is the Unit of Geopolitical Intelligence where, you can find the latest analyses in the Balkans and Eurasia.
The Intelligence Unit covers a wide range of issues, ranging from geopolitics, security, energy and climate. Head of the Unit of Geopolitical Intelligence is the founder of CSSD, Selim Ibraimi. In addition the co-founder Blerim Abedini, Head of the Projects at the CSSD is engaged in issues of climate change and natural resources.