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The unseen factors of Urban Terrorism

Selim Ibraimi- Center for Security Studies and Development- Macedonia

Urban terrorism in the heart of Europe. Over 150 people where killed and 200 wounded due to the attack by group of terrorists last night in Paris. IS claimed the responsibility. France, Europe and all humanity condemn the terror act. However Europe is facing the most dangerous phase after the September 11. Migration, economic decline due to the Euro-zone crises and urban terrorism represent the unseen factors of extremism- terrorism of groups supported by non-state actors.

The Balkans are major source of instability and in this situation add more question marks to the global war in terror. The Balkan states are in front of threat and could be future point of extremists which may lead to destruction of balance of forces. The US and allied forces may step down in region with intelligence and more resources to understand the real situation in the Balkans.

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