The last “Joker”

By Selim Ibraimi -Center for Security Studies and Development -Macedonia (CSSD)

The rise of political tensions in Macedonia is a concern for a part of the international community. Macedonia is a land lack country and surrounded by powerful states.
The U.S. since 1992 has helped this former Yugoslav republic to accommodate in the post-Yugoslav world.
Puring millions of dollars and euros in Macedonia by international community, showed that very little success was achieved by foreign aid to Macedonia. The dogmatic political class has pushed the country into an interesting situation for all the citizens of the fragile society.
The non-constitution of parliament and government has left behind a desperate inner political and geopolitical vacuum from the international point of view.
Russia’s diplomatic actions has been exploited by information propaganda in the Balkans and Macedonia.
The senior U.S. official Hoyt Brian Yee arrives in Macedonia next week to give a positive start to the developments in Macedonia.
The use of  “sticks and carrots” for the politicians will be the card that the Americans will use.
The intervention should be straightforward with the results on the ground.

The return of  Americans will e prevent Macedonia to become part of Russia’s sphere of interests.Hoyt comes with clear messages, while DUI in that case will be the last “joker” of the international community. SDSM must have a clear vision, but VMRO either, must follow the democratic steps with peaceful transition of government.





CSSD Macedonia

 April 26, 2017