By Selim Ibraimi- Center for Security Studies and Development- Macedonia (CSSDM)


Tension and fear in Europe about Russia and Putin’s policies. Another concerns for EU and US is the Moscow’s intentions in Balkans. As if Europe didn’t have enough problems and crises, Serbs in the Republic of Srpska are about to take a referendum to declare independence and this could plunge the Balkans into another big game.

Far away from Russia but very important to Putin’s geopolitics in the Balkans, state of Bosnia, Northern Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia are the major playgrounds of Russia. Russia despite democratic changes in Montenegro has a influence in Podgorica. Also Serbia is becoming a part of great war geopolitics. Macedonia due to new crises has chance to get away from Russia’s power and circle of influence.

The 2016 will be very important for Skopje and its citizens due to the major ethnic disputes. This is new assertion of Russia after Crimea and Syria.  A new flash point in mid of second decade of 21st century, year 2016.

Intel brief by Selim Ibraimi, senior Balkan analyst.

Photo Credit: GI