Who represents the Albanians of Macedonia in the political lobbying in Washington?

By Selim Ibraimi-The lack of a real representation of diaspora from Albanians of Macedonia in the United States (US) is obvious and from this time is necessary to be organized now, even in the years to come. Just as the issue in the homeland is being misused by the game of Albanian political parties when they present the individual financial causes as national, the emergence of the real representatives from Albanian diaspora in the US is all the more necessary now.

As is well known, many political processes in Macedonia depend on Washington, where Albanians from Macedonia need to have a fair and dignified representation or strong lobbying. The matter cannot be left to the certain groups that are focused on personal agendas.

For decades, Albanians in the Balkans, Albanians around the world and in the US have been focused on Kosovo. Now Kosovo has its own diplomacy, a budget and of course can do a lot of work on its own and no longer needs the help of Albanians from Macedonia and other Albanians, because now it is the opposite, Albanians of Macedonia need to focus immediately and professionally on Congress and American representatives where foreign policy is formulated. So far, there has been no Albanian (NM) diaspora representation in the US which would have as its right to focuses on internal processes in the N. Macedonia too.

A review of the reports of the Albanian political parties when the coalitions are formed, should be one of the areas of diaspora care,  because of the possibilites of the deviation of the Albanian political parties in the way up when they enter the government and of course  when Albnaian leaders forget why they are elected. Organizing should start now and without wasting time. In the meantime, the voices that coming from outside “representatives” of diaspora, in the name of the judical status of Albanians, would be put an end. Manipulations must be stopped now, as they are being seen from all sides.