Fights in the ruling coalition


There is much ambiguity in Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s ruling coalition. Despite many promises that he will continue to transform Macedonia, this is going to be a lot of trouble.
Now the Ministry of Health became a playground between the political parties, especially the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) and the Alliance for Albanians (AA).
In fact, this new blast in the US-EU-backed government coalition was launched by Ali Ahmeti’s DUI, along with their propaganda infrastructure to blow the era of partitions within the coalition and the opportunity to govern with SDSM .
The intolerance between the two parties began in the summer and expanded during the local elections this year in Macedonia.
Now, it is not 2002, where DUI was strong and there were no rival parties, time has changed.
In perspectives, the AA policies does not fit the Ahmeti’s party agenda and the philosophy of governance.
In Macedonia, there are many more important things to do than turn the coalition into a new era of political war for more positions in the government.
I would add that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev should be more pragmatic and wise about which partner should approach and remove.
The Albanian electorate is in awakening mode and in the future will determine other moves that will boost the political scene of Macedonia.
It is now questionable whether Washington will intervene to rescue the coalition that promised so much progress.
The new crisis among the parties is responding to actors that do not want a legal state and real reforms in Macedonia.
The Alliance for Albanians should decide on its position in government, as a party in opposite direction with policies of new coalition or another form of continuation of governance in state bodies but without influence.
The whole situation seems to have favored the DUI as a party that decides who should stay and enter the government of Zaev.
The Albanian opposition can act in some degree with the new government by using of the all tools of democratic means.
Let’s see what will bring the new year 2018 where the EU and NATO process is being jeopardized by the irresponsible actions of the leaders.