Dehumanizing Machiavelli in Skopje

By Selim Ibraimi -Center for Security Studies and Development-Macedonia (CSSD)

Statues with antique style traveled for years on cargo ship and heavy trucks to Macedonia, only to achieve goals and historic assumption of politicians of poor and fragile country with 12 billion GDP.

How wrong can be understand the place of Renaissance, Florence with growing market five hundred years ago, by political parties of backward state of Macedonia? The current leaders of Macedonia, could deeply be sad on theories how Machiavelli was analyzing the politics and leadership.Usually politicians tend to misinterpret his discourse on politics and government.

Albanian and Macedonian leaders probably due to security features of Macedonia did something wrong, which if “Machiavelli was alive, hi will be shocked”.

Political parties, respectively  leaders in Macedonia have read the Niccole’s Machiavelli master book “The Prince “ partially and in this point he may be dehumanized.

Today, politicians are using his theory on wrong direction, with propositions, “a statesman should act only for its ego and interests of a party or group”.

In today’s contemporary politics, we see examples of leaders, where due to lack of free and democratic society, political representatives can go far away on justifying the will and the desire for power.

Here in poor country of Macedonia, for almost a year politicians of both ethnic parties, Albanian and Macedonian, can’t agree in something that in future may have adverse consequences for them.

Even they are in deep ideological and political conflict, law and justice as two constitutional bases of the state, must inspire all political  factors in Macedonia.

If politicians of Macedonia played on some cards with reason just to fill the historic gap, then international mediation will face the bad side by leaders of Macedonia.

In addition the crisis with remain in Macedonia, until both ethnic groups will agree on the future, based in mutual respect and new Constitution.