CSSD summer book recommendation: ‘Invisible Armies’

As fitting for the twenty-first century as von Clausewitz’s On War was in its own time, ‘Invisible Armies’ is a complete global history of guerrilla uprisings through the ages.

Beginning with the first insurgencies in the ancient world— when Alexander the Great discovered that fleet nomads were harder to defeat than massive conventional armies— Max Boot, best selling author and military advisor in Iraq and Afghanistan, masterfully guides us from the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire up through the horrors of the French-Indochina War and the shadowy, post-9/11 battlefields of today. Relying on a diverse cast of unforgettable characters not only Mao and Che but also the legendary Italian nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi, the archaeologist turned military commander T. E. Lawrence, and the “Quiet American” Edward Lansdale, among others— Boot explodes everything we thought we knew about unconventional combat. The result is both an enthralling read and our most important work on nontraditional warfare. (Google Books)