The threat on critical infrastructure

By Blerim Abedini, Center for Security Studies and Development-Macedonia (CSSD)

Sophistication of information’s security. Safeguarding of critical infrastructure, business companies and strategic lines.

Today, the threats and the attacks are bigger than they’ve ever been. The software companies have not in consideration for producing defense infrastructure for Internet.

Contemporary studies on cyber security are using various methodologies for efficient barriers to attacks. Cybersecurity programs modeled on military tactics are tending to find its place in the private sector. It looks as war games served for military forces which is in focus of companies for training through simulated breaches similar to military forces.

We remember hacking of Sony Corporation which has continued within months without being detected. Than vital data of the company’s on business matters were not encrypted. That was only attack as powerful malware but seems that in future attacks could have higher ‘power’ by entering in the vital data of Sony. Hacking harm resulted with loss of 10 million records those had implications in the global economy.

In 2015, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management was hacked, exposing 21.5 million records, as background checks on millions of people where, among them are copies of 5.6 million sets of fingerprints. Also, instead are other examples as it is with members of Ashley Madison dating site( 37 million members) when their real e-mail addresses and other data had been released. Also we have in consideration, theft of data by 83 million customers of Wall Street giant J.P. Morgan, by an Israel-based team those easily had possibility to undermine the financial sector within cyber-attacks.



Now its time for serious look in those attacks. For that companies have responsibility to limit the damage and apply smarter defensive tools. New approach is going to hold place on cyber security issue. The venture capitals are financing emerging events as those with security risks throw using algorithms to mine informations in real time and, some maintaining urgent platforms that alert security staff for action as interactive respond.

During year 2013, the major Internet companies promised to do more when is in question encrypting data. They have started using encryption on their own corporate servers. But seems that hackers are well prepared for adaptation in recent situation. Facts are showing us that hacker users know to install and use third-party apps that will encrypt data of Internet companies. Looks like contest in construction of tallest buildings or skyscrapers as those in Dubai, Shanghai, NY City, etc.

A study of 2015 by McKinsey show that PC’s and tablets connection to internet will rich in two billion for five years which promise better defense by avoiding hackers attacks because of interactivity between these devices against attacks.

Private researchers are continually thinking for safe software by taking examples on national investigations program as it is NASA and its security systems. So, the NASA owns software that is rigorous when in question is building safe code with special engineering.

In other side we have some other developments as initiatives by Venture Companies which aim to rise spending on cybersecurity. We see current threats are as much as too sophisticated for protective tools as are antivirus software and firewalls. So ventures are looking forward for agreements with cybersecurity expert groups against ‘bad guys’. According to CB Insights, the global VC community poured a record $2.5 billion into cybersecurity companies in 2014, a strong year for IT startups cybersecurity researching groups. Security companies raised their earnings by working on tools for protection Venture Capitals in the amount of $3.3 billion in 2015.

MIT Technology Review

Data:MIT Technology Review

Nicole Eagan, CEO of Darktrace cybersecurity and research company based in United Kingdom propose to change the security paradigm from prevention to “active cyberdefense”. That means to find them “in near real time as they are moving subtly and silently around your network” and also catch them in that close time. Darktrace has career on this work by detection technologies which use. Darktrace, has raised $110 million by working in security matters for venture capitals and has advanced machine-learning technology to analyze raw network traffic and determine every person who has abnormal behavior.

Also another research by cybersecurity company- Tanium, which work for venture companies has earned $3.5 billion and has technology to resolve problems in any one of millions devices through network, within 15 seconds and by putting in quarantine that infected computer.

So acting in the right time is real approach to this issue because businesses and organizations are adding more data in time frequency. For that security companies are offering encryption schemes and technologies for continuously monitoring what goes on, in a company’s servers by protecting them.

In the customer’s buying and money transfers, PayPal giant has advantage in security and protection process. PayPal has access in the U.K., China, and elsewhere around the world and, its security system is based on artificial-­intelligence. Its system is able to detect possible fraud without mistakes. But weak side of PayPal is protection from thefts via consumers e-mails when easily hackers could enter to their credentials.

According to those examples, we may say that security companies have growth in their incomes and security market could be advantage for safe work about information systems. Also Security Market could be productive and profit making company as part of stock exchanges around world by selling own shares for economic and critical infrastructure protection by thefts and attackers.

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