Old Time Spy Craft

By Selim Ibraimi-(CSSD) Human Intelligence as an important factor on global competition for gathering intelligence.

Information technology and non-state actors now have changed the approaches of tools of tradecraft on intelligence.Theft of top secret information from NSA determines a different angle how we looked and how Intelligence Community should gather information.

Imageries and telephone conversations have their value for counterespionage and counterterrorism. Satellites are part of the process.

Russia together with China, will play hard in the Balkans so it is time on framing a new collection and verification of intel by the human factor and trusted again by Intelligence officials.

I believe that intelligence in the Balkans must return to old time spy craft as Byzantines in Middle Ages have gathered information from enemies. This types of methods would be very important for the US installations overseas, since the region is being exposed to new geopolitics of foreign powers with different ideologies.




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