Expansion of NATO.Russia and the neutrality of Macedonia

By Blerim Abedini, the Center for Security Studies and Development- Macedonia(CSSD)

The bilateral agreements by demonstrating military forces represent an escalation of the situation. It seems history rewrite errors that will serve back to people for finding solution. The Europe, which is situated extremely in North-Atlantic Alliance, has contradictions with military solutions. By 2015, NATO provides enhanced support air patrols, counter intelligence, surveillance and naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Political decisions for decades are implemented with military shield or air force demonstration on certain regions. This way of the intervention is questionable because the political leaderships have to achieve these goals in the table. In this context, bilateral agreements by demonstrating military forces represent an escalation of the situation.

Bilateral political confrontation of the great powers in the area have legislated some countries do not  involve directly  in the implementation of agreements. Case with the Balkan countries such as Macedonia and Bosnia, who maintain the course of neutrality, when it comes to major military powers crossroads of interests. These countries have significant geopolitical weight in the peninsula. So we may see that, history rewrites errors which will serve back to people to find solution.
The Europe, which is situated as extreme in North-Atlantic Alliance, has contradictions with military solutions. Union has the character of cooperative societies with advantages as liberalism and democracy, free speech, independent media, monitoring of the governments and eventually sanctioning them.
Presentation of extremism in meetings of the leadership of countries possessing nuclear weapons is the result of the interim agreements that are followed by bilateral confrontation. Russia was hit hard in the domestic economy by deactivating shares of stock exchanges. Ukraine that is involved in war, in its regions are many nuclear plants like Chernobyl, but officials are deciding to close them. Nuclear war as often listened or read, is not an appropriate topic. Explosions of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere will affect the pollution of vital facilities in the area.
We know that, the technology in the military field is assisted by daily study’s work for public services. However it grows as a result of interactive competitions, as geopolitical and social. Achievements in the production of war aircraft, refer to people logical sense that, there is applied sophisticated invention. Comparisons of the effects of an ideal product appear from the marketing, which determine the course of trade of products with a given performance. So, ‘flying robot products’, can hit targets via wireless control that also are understood as positive in people’s psychology. Assisting with super computers, it enables and help for monitoring of the complex geo-regions. Cooperative international study projects, as are US-Russian space research, for several years have ceased for political discourages. Despite the desire of engineers and astronauts for going together with their Russian coworkers in to the moon for joint work, the political barriers for these projects are doing own aims. Reasonable, it shows the technological path of cohabitation against political influence, which must be understood and finally to be accepted as irreversible and gradual process.

Let’s compare some of the achievements and commitments of military competitors.

ballistics- patriots

NATO activities on security and stability in Europe has to do with large-scale of exercises, air defense activities, counter intelligence missions.

In 2012, NATO has increased Turkey’s air defense capabilities against ballistic missile threats from Syria, which defense has rapid response, ability to multiple targets simultaneously and, sophisticated equipment for electronic noise; By 2015, NATO provides enhanced support air patrols, counter intelligence, surveillance and naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean. NATO patrols in the Aegean Sea to prevent human trafficking and illegal immigration and has agreed to intensify intelligence and surveillance in the Turkish-Syrian border; Since 1982, NATO has operated radar surveillance aircraft, known as AWACS for long distances in the air. These aircraft are used for a wide range of operations in Libya, Afghanistan and Ukraine; Military exercise, ‘Dynamic Manta’ in 2016 in the Ionian Sea against submarines, with 5,000 participants from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States; The operation, “Active Endeavour’- initiatives against terrorism operation in the Mediterranean, following the illegal boats; NATO multinational operation 24/7, includes monitoring airspace to military aircraft of the opponents; The operation ‘Essential Harvest’ disarmament encouraged National Army in Macedonia, between August 2001 and March 2003. The implementation of measures- peacekeeping in Macedonia, realized with, ‘Operation Amber Fox’ and ‘Harmony Operation Allied’;  The NATO has been the driving force within the ‘KFOR’ for stability in Kosovo since 1999.

Coordination Centre (EADRCC) is the main mechanism of NATO’s civil emergency in the Euro-Atlantic area. It includes 28 NATO allies and partner countries to coordinate in case of natural and human disasters. Alliance military action on February 28, 1994, has indeed surrendered four Yugoslav warplanes, which began peace negotiations. After a while, the issue goes under UN mandate.
In September 2015, the EADRCC in partnership with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU), trained response to a major gas explosion formed by mines. This Coordination Center also works on innovations in tele-medicine, which medical experts provide critical advice to staff on the ground via satellite.

Russia is actively developing military technology. In the first place, ‘Deiv Majumdar’ put multipurpose jet fighter Su-35. It is a modernized version of the Su-27 and is fast (up to 2400 km/h), an ability to rise to great heights and huge combat load. Second place as important innovation is non-nuclear submarine “Amur”, known as the diesel- electric submarine.

It is created in the framework of Project 677- ‘Lada’, designed for export, which is providing a minimum level of noise and, powerful weapon systems, by four torpedo tubes and ten vertical launchers for anti-ship missiles. Russian tank T-90 is a modern one by the Soviet T-72, which has high technical characteristics and is much cheaper than Western Leopard 2 or M1M2 “Abrams”. T-90 is equipped with a modern fire control system, the surveillance, communications and navigation.
The T-90 is built on the coordination of the projectiles by means of a laser beam. This achieves of a striking precision at a distance of 5 km, overcomes the rocket in just 17 seconds. The Russian universal anti-ship missile P-800 “Onyx” has missile complex “BraMos”. Originally this rocket was designed to destroy surface targets by 300 kilometers, which exceeds the performance of the US anti-ship missile “Harpoon”. The ‘Deiv Madjumdar’ torpedoes are created in the Soviet era . The most types of weapons mentioned above, Russia successfully exports and the number of countries that intend to purchase military equipment is increasing. Head of the World Arms Trade Analysis Center, Igor Korotchenko has said that soon the US military will be more anxious, because of the weapons mentioned above. It was also noted that the list of Russian weapons, are larger than those of United States.