By Blerim Abedini, Institute for Security Studies and Development (ISSDM)

Prejudices about wellness inside NATO. Who is stopping the membership process in the transition period?


Dilemma of citizens that NATO does not secure economic progress after geopolitical support is an old story in the Balkan Peninsula. We saw or have been read for “political winds” those turned many creative ideas on individual interest.  This is almost happen in Balkans.

According to chronology of events, many public projects have been curved because of big money amount landed in the project.  So, was impossible to realize and execute a proposed project without landing money amount in the private accounts of approvers.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ]Related to transition time spent on political reforms, there is a ‘huge hole’ which sucked public projects. So, political transition reforms by organized units have been against public services which mean, delaying public services in certain period of times. Inside that politics, the chronology will find some ‘unexpected units’ as ethical behavior, delayed political decisions, personal interest and life disturbance. So, future expectance by citizens for a wellness, is declined as “time sailing” project in the big ocean. In other word, the position we may consider as stalemate in a played chess match.[/box]



Also, Albania as NATO member related to “time extension” due to political reforms requested by EU is a ‘sailing ship’. Citizens of Albania are not satisfied with progress of their country in the economic context. They are making critics to government or even to NATO or EU institutions. So, this situation reflects a confusion of citizens which is result from delayed projects for public service. Due to private intentions for personal welfare, Albania is moving slowly to recommendations of EU. Furthermore, NATO is very sensitive to security issues which give us to understand that Albania has declined its path to European Union.

N.Macedonia had suffering a long time economic downturn. Intentions for economic progress have failed many time due to political decisions. Inefficiency after resolving disputes with Greece will let country ‘to dream’ for integration to EU. Time extension occurred during the transition process is not proportionally provided as EU asks, and this is also experts conclusions for the path of society’s integration. Balkan wars were expensive due to broken economic relations!


By the bankruptcy of many companies,  many brand products lost  into “big hole“ also with them and Goodwill. Finally, citizens of any country in the Ballkan Peninsula need to understand that, the rising markets are realistic and rational matter under certain conditions. Also, wages must go upwards due to sufficient activities in the business companies which are protected by political “individual interest”.

Anyway,  citizens have difficulties to capture the fake installed promises due to undocumented reviews. If we think for time extension in the era of economic and political transition, we can list major disputes or failures by decision makers.


So, N. Macedonia by getting decisions in its government lost time for the state integration. The time extension will cost this young state more than a man can put in the imagination. Unemployment can not be measured because of workforce migration, wages are not giving guaranty for healthy life, illegal work is high, employers are giving wages those are in the line of officially announced minimum employee wage.

By statistics and compassion, Bulgaria is gaining good life standards for its citizens. Also, Romania, Hungary, Croatia have better position guaranteed by security deposits in their national or foreign investments. We may consider that Hungary due to individual interest and major wrong decisions is declining the integration process in EU or trying to undermine Union as a Unit player.


This conspiracy theory is supported by conservative politics of US and has influence in EU. The World, they intend to form as pyramidal hierarchy domination of certain groups where, conspirators are pretending to justify its implementation as “putting World in the button command“.

In other side, media is confronting politicians these pretend to eliminate every news story that undermines profit making ‘trends’. So, media is hunting every event as sensitive to public that is ‘hidden’ in relation officials vice versa citizens. Its time when, courts are losing independence and media became their substitute. Media is trying to protect its status as public service, even is nongovernmental. By a poorest country to the richest country there are enough business people those are thinking to capture ‘easy money’ from wrong intentional decisions. These methods are same in a poor or rich country. Anyway, modern century is doing own by mutating all players in the community. (@CSSDMacedonia)


[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” ] “N.Macedonia had suffering a long time economic downturn. Intentions for economic progress have failed many time due to political decisions. Inefficiency after resolving disputes with Greece will let country ‘to dream’ for integration to EU”. [/box]