By Blerim Abedini, Institute for Security Studies and Development-North Macedonia (ISSDNM)

Some regional parts of Balkan Peninsula or countries based on terrorism index, may give us understanding for disputes as domestic and global. Also we can specify as incidents, fatalities, injuries and properties.


Let we take a look in Greece and its GTI:


Picture 1. Greece terrorism index

As is shown, Greece is facing lower incidents from terrorism in the chronological point of view

Albania- GTI


Picture 2. Albania terrorism index

Comparation: Greece&Albania

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Picture 3. Comparing graphic between Greece and Albania on terrorism-index

Kosovo GTI:


Picture 4. Kosovo terrorism index.


Bulgaria- GTI


Picture 5. Bulgaria- terrorism index.


Serbia- GTI


Picture 6. Serbia- terrorism index

Also we may find data named as map of peace index-2018 year in Macedonia and the main home page as,

These data may be benefitial if we consider that peace is more important and sometimes primary goal to any citizen living in the  world.