Moscow is attempting to put “one foot” in Macedonia!

Selim Ibraimi -CSSD-On February 2015, the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the events in Macedonia announced that foreign services want to destabilize Macedonia.RFM supported the former prime position regarding interceptions and his claims that the putsch is organized by the services of the neighboring countries and from several embassies in Skopje.

Today Russian Ambassador met with the former prime minister Nikola Gruevski.
Although in diplomatic practice is normal, which senior officials to meet and liaise of variety of political parties – but the timing and contents of the talks can be decoded as the scale of the average of the interest of the Russia and Moscow is attempting to put  “one foot” in Macedonia.

Russian Foreign Ministry today has issue an statement on political events in Macedonia.Russian President Vladimir Putin is paying a visit to Hungary.

Photo Credit:Novinite