New book by Selim Ibraimi: “The decisive battle”-(The plague of border changes in Southeast Europe)

[box type=”info” ]New book by Selim Ibraimi, author and journalist is coming in 2019.“The decisive battle”- (The plague of border changes in Southeast Europe), is the title of the new book. Stay tuned. Mr. Selim Ibraimi is also the author of two other books: “The Cold Peace” and “The Territory of the Silent War” with focus on the Balkans.

SHORT BIO: Selim Ibraimi is an Albanian-American international politics expert, author and journalist, with a focus on geopolitics and security affairs of Europe and the Balkans. After completing his B.A. in Journalism at University of Tirana, he earned his M.A. in International Relations at Webster University-Scott Air Force Base, IL United States. He is currently a doctoral student in political science at South East European University (SEEU)