“Deep State” as socio-economic power?!

By Blerim Abedini ISSD-NM, London, United Kingdom-The different viewpoints that we come across in social networks and even traditional news, have hidden reserves of interest. Social networks in the world operate in separate groups, in terms of national as well as professional work. So, sub-categories on the Internet presenting members with millions of subscribers have challenges from time to time with few interactions that fight the group of interest(as electrons are losing orbital level and energy during interactions).

In the Balkans, many groups on the Internet act like those in politics and economy. Furthermore, many interactivities on the Internet aim to put a big pressure on ontraditionalism and the ‘scale’-limit in life’s wellness. Additionally, an internal network has the power to penetrate various issues, be it political, economic, or even within the core of the psychology of that event. In comparison to the universal doctrines, disputed theories, and discoveries in the energy context, we are seeing a deep subversion within the elements of social sub-categories.

So, many partial definitions form a powerful unity in the community for their related theses. The low branches (sub-factors) have contributed to the social and natural sciences in such areas that, have not been defined by classical theories as ‘ready meals’ for the XX and XXI centuries and additional transition periods of new socioeconomic societies!

So, generalizing it as a concept will not reflect a trend of cultural interaction in contemporary times, and, diversity which we see it positive and negative depends on matters issues (interaction results). Even less, the economy does not breathe without the diversity found in isolated environments because emptiness is an attribute of space where Newton’s theories are applicable.

Interestingly, society (must) follows sub-categories, which are stronger in influence (deep approach) than, a unique generalization (close approach) which a generality expresses the weakness of distribution of the socioeconomic study and it’s usefulness in the popular mass (folks).

Today, the socioeconomic path is incorporated into computer software, and the sub-categorization process applies to these devices and smartphones. So, as a full file (stimulus) tool throw internet by many voluntary studies of the sky or, saving the ecosystem and additional debates for state’s emergency up to, the ‘patriotic’ protection of the world from a sudden meteor (NASA’s new approach outside of the World)!

Also, today we may interact with the richest man in the world via Twitter, who wants to invest in the planet Mars and is staying away (according to his tweets) by investing in the current world. So, all aspects of public life are subcategories in contemporary life as these are passing from one stage to the second, linked each as strongly as substantially.

Reading facial features (recognition) instead of reading ‘wounded’ fingers is a sign of changing steps for the better because security is people’s old intention raised (memorized) in their behavior. So, we are changing it because we need to survive and someone instantly is saying ‘Life is difficult’. We must find enough sub-categories to create an interactive environment that will protect people from their weaknesses. Otherwise?!.