“City Campuses” a final destination for refugees!

By Blerim Abedini- Center for Security Studies and Development- Macedonia (CSSD)

Macedonia is one of bridges in the Balkans used by refugees for their destinations to the European developed states and the rest of World. The European Union (EU) accept refugees of war zones: Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fluctuation number of refugees across Macedonian territory from hundreds to thousands has continue to the final destination. The states members of EU are sending forces for coordination one of the frequent entry of EU through Balkans, in order to implement political decisions of leaders based on fundamental rights of refugees. Schengen Agreement is on the edge of collapse but EU officials are defending as control restrictions only above refugees.

Facing difficulties is the unique pain of emigrants in their path to desired states. For this reason enough pains means finding rest over close regions as temporary staying. Moderate solutions are getting by  building “City Campuses” as new approach.

Helping refugees is historical continuous events in improving policies according to Convention of  signed agreements by democratic leaders. We can not imagine other way than the actual decisions of political factors who are responsible to save World that control. We use similar unique threats as those which have interactivity: climate, poverty, energy resource and political disagreements.

In regard to lot of events published by media and related data by organizations, failing is evident on defending refugees’ rights. Ethical relations instead abusing their financial “power” and hopes is democratic deviance. Responsibility for temporary conditions for refugees is political and human negligence for their return to native country at one day.



Photo Credit: migrantreport.org